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In Memory

These are the classmates that we know are no longer with us. If we have found an obituary, it is copied in or linked out. Please feel free to leave your own memories of these people, and let us know if we are missing someone or if you know about an obituary that we have missed.
By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Gary James Anderson (Deceased 1975)  
Christopher McHale Artman (Deceased 1970)  
Arthur Howard Axlerod (Deceased 1985)  
Kathy Bates (DeVaughn) (Deceased 2005)  
James Dewey Bennett (Deceased 1995)  
Carol Christina Bergmark (Deceased 1986)  
Frederick (Rickey) Black (Deceased 2013)  
Christine Blann (Mergenthaler) (Deceased 2014)  
Don Blumenthal (Deceased 2019)  
Shane Bowden (Marinson) (Deceased 2014)  
Edward Buchanan (Deceased 2011)  
Glenn Benjy Davis (Deceased 1983)  
Glenn George Davis (Deceased 1992)  
Richard Wells DeMuth (Deceased 1980)  
E. Jacquelin Dietz (Deceased 2020)  
Robert Leroy Durr (Deceased 1990)  
Linda Ecksmith (Deceased 2018)  
Linda Edberg (Deceased 1998)  
Maudellen Forbush (Deceased 1973)  
Randolph Foy (Deceased 2018)  
Michael Steven Frazier (Deceased 1982)  
Thomas Fredenburg (Deceased 2019)  
William Goldstein (Deceased 2022)  
Joyce Adrienne Gorn (Deceased 1978)  
James (Jim) Harrington (Deceased 2016)  
Marcia Harris (Deceased 2000)  
Christopher Hayes (Deceased 2009)  
Christine Hohaus (Bish) (Deceased 2020)  
Marta Holmberg (Deceased 2006)  
Cynthia Howard (Deceased 2020)  
Paul Irish (Deceased 2004)  
Richard Katz (Deceased 1978)  
Gary Leon Keeper (Deceased 1990)  
Jacob Krch (Deceased 2019)  
Paul Lombardi (Deceased 2002)  
Douglas Mallory (Deceased 2019)  
Mark Malonek (Deceased 2015)  
David Lee Maulsby (Deceased 1986)  
Mary McGurrin (Deceased 1994)  
James Mosier (Deceased 2001)  
Marilyn Nelson (Deceased 2001)  
Elizabeth Pennock (Slesinger) (Deceased 2009)  
Deborah Peters (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jessica Pincus (Hall) (Deceased 1991)  
Randall Gordon Pritchett (Deceased 1979)  
Roger Alan Reynolds (Deceased 1993)  
Grady Robinson (Deceased 2015)  
Kenneth Salih (Deceased 2016)  
Dennis Samchok (Deceased 2005)  
Marjorie Schaeffer (Bergwall) (Deceased 1993)  
Laura Emily Shostack (Deceased 1994)  
Rodger Taylor (Deceased 2019)  
Deborah Theado (Deceased 1999)  
Daniel Elliott Turiel (Deceased 1987)  
Behe-Jahe Williams (Deceased 2011)  
John Philip Wood (Deceased 1977)  
Bradley Judson Woodworth (Deceased 2023)  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.