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Yearbook and Other Links

There are a lot of materials available on the Internet if you want to refresh your memories. If there are others you would like to have added here, please let us know.

If you don't have your copy of the 1973 Hi-O-Hi, here is a link to the yearbook (indexed, pick your pages). For earlier years click on the links below:

The Commencement Program from our graduation.

Here is how we (or at least most of us) all showed up in September 1969, according to the first issue of the Oberlin Review that fall, along with our Freshman Handbook (pay special attention to the glossary at the end for terms that didn't even survive our four years: such as Bells, Fussers, Wofl Book!):


And this is how we left, according to the special commencement issue of the Oberlin Review: